once again, HP launches computer with design very similar to Apple

Controversy: once again, HP launches computer with design very similar to Apple

This subject of those who copied those who already have little weariness and we, here in MacMagazine, we think twice before addressing the topic because it is something very subjective. What exactly is a copy? Where is the line between inspiration / homage and blatant copy?

Some say that Apple copied the design of products created by the famous German designer Dieter Rams [1, 2] – even with Rams saying he doesn’t see it as a copy. Others, that Google shamelessly copied iOS, since the Android project was totally different before Apple showed its mobile operating system to the world – I won’t even comment on the Samsung and Apple relationship because the South Korean copied it, something that it has already been confirmed by the jury of the case that is still taking place in California, in the United States, and by some other judgments around the world.

How to judge this, then? A good way is to follow the example set by John Gruber, from Daring Fireball: “The old joke says that inspiration is when you copy something from someone; plagiarism is when someone copies you. But for me, the difference is about being inspired to create something new, versus copying to create something derived. This is the difference between great artists who steal and bad artists who copy. Apple products are in different categories than the corresponding Braun devices, and have been separated for decades. ”

But why am I saying all this? This week another company returned to the spotlight due to a new episode of copying: the HP. At the end of last year she launched an all-in-one computer (all-in-one) very similar to the iMac – with the Magic Trackpad and everything! Last week, as the The Verge, the company launched new notebooks from the ENVY and Pavilion line.

Well look at the image below:


No, it is not a MacBook Air, but an HP Envy 14 TouchSmart Ultrabook. Leaving aside the technical specifications, again it seems that the competitors can only do one thing to try to combat the success of the Apple notebook line: copy it. Does the HP logo also light up when I turn on the computer? ?


Notice the holes for the speaker output (between the keyboard and the display), very similar to those of the MacBook Pro.

This is not an inspiration. This is not a tribute. This is copying to create something derived, in the same product category, at the same time. Many may say that the future is this (with notebooks made of aluminum, etc.), but in no way is it necessary to follow exactly the same line as the Apple, with black keyboards, rounded corners, even «chassis», among other things.

How ugly, HP!