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On this anniversary of Florianópolis, the city receives a gift app: Floripa by Music

Probably only those who know this island from Florianopolitano: today is the 289th anniversary of Florianpolis, capital of Santa Catarina.

To celebrate the date, developer Rainbug has just delivered a city gift: the app Floripa by Music.

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Discover the most special places in Florianpolis through music and texts by local artists. The best tips of the island of magic in the palm of your hand, with a first-rate soundtrack.

Floripa by Music is the first application of its kind in the world of tourism to use geolocalized music. A tour guide of one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil that brings you the most unusual places on the island chosen by local musicians through their music and tips that only a great friend would give.

The occasion was very good, the app was super cute and the very cool / different idea is a great way to present the city not only to tourists, but also to its own residents. And the best: for free!

Rainbug tells us that he asked each musician / band to choose a special place in Floripa, which would serve as a source of inspiration or that had to do with their music or sounds, and write a presentation text as if indicating that place to a great friend.

Floripa by Music certainly arrives as a great tribute to the city. And it will get even better with time!