On the Mac it is now possible to define even multiple standard browsers; already on iOS …

For those who use computers, whether Macs or PCs, there is nothing new to be able to switch from a standard browser. If you don't like Safari, you can use Google Chrome; if you hate Internet Explorer, Firefox is always around; if hipster, Opera for you.

But have you thought about having more than one standard browser on your machine?

Browser Fairy app icon

As Fairy Browser, from venqoo, this is possible.

All you need to do is configure the Fairy Browser just the way you prefer, without difficulty. You do this by creating rules and directing them to the browser of your choice. For example, you can define that all links that you click on Mail should open in Safari; or which Flash sites to load on Chrome; or that certain URLs must go to Firefox; and so on.

It’s very curious to look at such an app, available even on the Mac App Store, and realize that even today Apple doesn’t allow users to even change the browser’s default browser iOS a bar size without size.

As a Chrome user on OS X, I prefer to use it also on iOS for the full integration of data / logins and for liking some features it offers different from Safari. But unfortunately, I often touch links and am automatically taken to the Apple browser against my will.

And you, what do you think of that?

[via MacStories]