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On the eve of iOS 12, iOS 11 is now on 85% of devices

In just over a week, on September 12, Apple will hold a special event in which new iPhones and Apple Watches are expected.

If it keeps the same timeline of years past, that same day developers will receive the version Golden Master (GM) of iOS 12, which tends to be identical to the final. With everything in order, the system should be officially launched to the general public the following week, between the 17th and 19th.

In anticipation of the arrival of iOS 12, Apple today updated its official chart showing the adoption of the system among visitors to the App Store:

IOS 11 adoption chart

At the penultimate time we published this, at the end of April, iOS 11 was in 76% of devices. Now, he jumped to 85%; iOS 10 has 10% and previous versions, 5%.

Note that, as we are talking about an official chart, Apple does not consider in the numbers the hundred users who have already upgraded to iOS 12 betas. But we also have access data to MacMagazine, of course; here, iOS 11 is at 82%, iOS 12 is at 11%, iOS 10 is at 3% and previous versions at 4%.

So, looking forward to iOS 12? ? From the superpositive comments regarding it, since the first betas, my bet is that we will have the fastest update in the history of the system.