On Stephen Colbert's show, Tim Cook talks about the new iPhones, the Apple car, Steve Jobs and his personal life

On Stephen Colbert's show, Tim Cook talks about the new iPhones, the Apple car, Steve Jobs and his personal life

As announced a few days ago, Tim Cook he was last night on the program “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and treated, for about ten minutes, various subjects.

The interview began by talking about one of the latest big releases from Apple, the iPhone 6s Colbert even had one in hand, in the new pink gold color. The highlight was its main novelty, the 3D Touch screen; the presenter was also surprised by the tactile response given by the device, through its Taptic Engine. They also demonstrated, in a humorous tone, the Live Photos feature.

Then, to quote two key interviewees from last week, Tesla Motors' Elon Musk; and Travis Kalanick, Uber co-founder, Colbert questioned Cook about rumors of an Apple self-guided vehicle. Quite awkwardly, the CEO of Malaysia laughed while giving a standard answer that she experiments with a number of things she finds interesting.

Colbert then brought Steve Jobs into the conversation, referring to the various films that have been released about Cook's former boss and joking if, say, ten years from now, we will see a film about Cook himself without much pomp. As always very emotional, Cook returned to talk about all the good things he saw in Jobs and how much he misses you. He said he hasn't seen any of those films, yet (I know).

The next question is exactly what we see in the following video, the only one published (at least until then) on the program's official YouTube channel. Colbert highlighted how much Cook has dedicated himself to making Apple a more dedicated company to charities, human rights and the like, asking if Cook's exit was "an upgrade or a feature that hadn't been activated before".

Taking advantage of Cook's response, Colbert also asked him whether this ethical responsibility from Apple is taken in the same way throughout the manufacturing process of its products, including Apple's partner suppliers.

The full video of the interview (in a not very good quality) is here, but it shouldn't be long before CBS remove it from the air. In this other video, we see Cook leaving the stadiums right after his interview and signing autographs.

Just yesterday, we also talked about a conversation that Cook had with John Paczkowski, from BuzzFeed, in which they even talked about the possibility of users being able to delete native iOS apps in the future.