On one of the oldest European Space Agency websites, Earth is "on" for everyone

On one of the oldest European Space Agency websites, Earth is "on" for everyone

The European Space Agency's Earth Online (ESA) website has been around for 30 years, but has now "moved" to a new portal. The Earth Observation department's information platform continues its mission to support scientists and experts studying the planet Earth, or simply enthusiasts curious about the "home" where we live.

Initially referred to as Earth Observation Guide & Directory Service, the platform was one of the first websites launched by ESA. And, without forgetting the past, it compiles information collected over the past two decades.

In Earth Online you can discover or recall ancient missions from the European Space Agency, such as ESA's first Earth observation program. There is also space for the most current activities and those that are still ongoing.

Earth Online

The platform contains, for example, information collected by the ESA satellite that studies climate change. The CryoSat mission, which recently completed a decade, has made it possible, among several contributions, to map changes in the thickness and volume of ice in the Arctic at sea. The platform also allows access to information about other satellites and promotional images.

Despite being an ESA website, Earth Online does not only integrate information from the missions of the European Space Agency. Through agreements with other space agencies, the platform also offers data from more than 40 international missions.