On iOS 11, you'll finally be able to fast forward / rewind a song by double-tapping the AirPods!

There are things that Apple does that you wonder why it took so long to do.

Want an example? The Files app (Files).

It took 11 versions of iOS for Apple to do what users have been asking for years!

I will not say that the same thing happened to the AirPodsAfter all, Ma's wireless headphones have not been released for that long.

But that she could have implemented this feature as soon as she released them ah, she could!

I explain: if you put the AirPods in your ears, go on Bluetooth settings and touch the "i" that is there in the corner of the AirPods identification, see that there are three command options for when you double-tap one of the headphones: call Siri, play / pause or simply do nothing (leaving this option inactive).

But in the iOS 11, my friends, we can finally do something as trivial as playing / pausing audio: fast forward or rewind!

AirPods configuration on iOS 11Images: 9to5Mac

As we can see in the images above, Apple went further and gave us more options than initially imagined.

This is because this adjustment is made individually, for each of the headphones.

You can, for example, double-tap the left phone and advance a track; on the right, you can adjust the two rings to continue calling Siri or play / pause everything.

In short, you can combine everything in the way that suits you best.

Although it actually took a while, it will take a while since iOS 11 will only be released in the final version for September / October, it is still a good news that deserves our celebration. 🎉



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