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On Goodbye Inbox Day, Spark ceases to be iOS-exclusive and arrives on Android

The universe of email clients for Android is very consistent, but not the most complete when compared to the options that exist on iOS. With the Inbox out of the game scheduled for today, Google's system users are gaining a new option that was once unique to Apple's system, Spark.

Today (4/2), Google shut down Inbox, Gmail's alternate email client that had its features migrated to the main platform. The good news, however, comes from Readdle, which is launching the Android version of Spark, the email client that only had Mac, iPhone, and iPad versions.

Spark has two inbox options, one in smart and one that can be customized. The goal among them is to prioritize important emails through a set of tools, such as scheduling emails, a do not disturb mode, online collaboration mode with other contacts and various other options. I confess that Spark is my favorite email client on the Mac, and I'm happy to see you arrive at Green Rob.

Screenshot 20190402 112702 Spark side
Spark em ao / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Of course Gmail has unparalleled advantages, one of which is integration with Google services and the online version. Spark, in turn, should be optimized over time and gain more customization and integration tools with new services, although it already exists with major ones such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Evernote, for example.

You download Spark on Google Play by clicking here.

And what did you think of the news? Will you test on your Android?

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