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On AppleCare +, repairing the back of iPhones 8/8 Plus costs 3x more than changing the screen

A few days ago, shortly after the introduction of the new iPhones, we announced that Apple would increase the prices of its extended warranty service, the AppleCare +, for your smartphones. Values ​​now range between $ 130 and $ 200, depending on the iPhone model; repairs under this warranty, however, have not changed in value: they are US $ 30 for changing the screen and US $ 100 for other damages.

With the introduction of iPhones 8/8 Plus, all with glass backs that are basically identical to the front (except, obviously, because they don’t have a laminated screen), it was speculated that Apple could charge the same display repair fee to replace a broken rear window – after all, the new material is much more prone to disasters, such as cracks and splinters, than the metal used previously.

Well, unfortunately it is not the case: if you break the glass back of your new iPhone covered by AppleCare +, you will have to pay $ 100 à Apple – yes, more than three times the amount charged for the repair of the screen. If you are still resisting covering your new device with a case, perhaps this is a very persuasive argument.

IPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Leather Case - Midnight Blue

The reason for this discrepancy is not difficult to deduce: as we have already seen in a high degree of detail in the disassembly of iFixit, the part of the iPhone that houses the panel and the front glass is an almost separate component; the rear window, in turn, is intimately connected to all the internal components of the device and also contributes to its resistance. Therefore, changing this part is certainly a more complex job than simply removing the front panel and replacing it with a new one – although, at first glance, both “pieces of glass” look similar.

It is good to remember that, within AppleCare +, Apple institutes a maximum of two screen repairs and two “other aspects” repairs, at US $ 30 and US $ 100 each, respectively. If you can achieve the feat of breaking your iPhone’s screen three times, for example, you’ll need to pay $ 350 (iPhone 8) or $ 400 (iPhone 8 Plus) on the third – in the United States, of course; in Brazil, for now, AppleCare + is not yet commercialized. But if you let it crash so many times, it might not be a good idea to have such an expensive smartphone in the first place.

via AppleInsider