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on account of the dollar, Apple adjusts the prices of Macs in several countries

Beyond Brazil: on account of the dollar, Apple adjusts the prices of Macs in several countries

This week we commented (here on the website and on our podcast) the price increases of Macs, gives Apple TV and some accessories Here in Brazil.

Of course, this is boring, it makes us very sad and, at first, it generates a certain revolt. After all, how in a few months / years can Apple’s prices simply skyrocket that way, making it practically impossible to buy a simple accessory or putting the Mac Pro’s value on par with a ?popular? car?

Yes, Apple has always worked with good profit margins. This has been the case for a long time and is not a specific feature of the Brazilian market (Apple’s prices are more expensive than those of competition in practically all countries where it operates). And, yes, perhaps the company could look at the situation in Brazil with a little more attention to try to find a way to sell its products here for more attractive prices. A great promise in this area was the implementation of Foxconn in Jundia, but this was not reflected in large discounts passed on to us, customers, at least not in the way we would like.

But we are talking about a complicated situation, which involves much more than Apple’s supposed lack of attention to our market. Want proof? See this invoice from a 64GB iPhone 6 marketed by Fnac:

Tax on a 64GB iPhone 6Click / tap to enlarge

His final price was R $ 3,799.00; s of taxes, we have the small fortune of R $ 2,099.71. that’s right: more than half of the amount (about 55%) charged by the imposed device.

Another example: an invoice from the AppleCare (Apple service that extends the product warranty in this case, for some Mac models):

AppleCare TaxClick / tap to enlarge

Of the R $ 449.00 (value of the extended guarantee with a discount for students), R $ 122.35 are tax this, approximately 27%.

To complete, the dollar valuation it is not helping our life at all. And we can blame it, yes, because although we are experiencing a huge crisis in our country, the American currency has become stronger not only in relation to the real, but also compared to several other currencies. The proof of this is that this week, in addition to increasing the price of some products here in Brazil, Apple also readjusted the values ??of Macs in several other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Malia, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey as informed by the MacRumors. In addition, a few days ago the company also readjusted the values ??of App Store in Australia, Indonesia and Sweden (an increase of ~ 15%), as published in the 9to5Mac.

O AppleInsider took the incoming MacBook as an example to make comparisons and found that prices increased 11% in Australia, 20% in New Zealand, 19% in Norway, 24% in Malaysia and 17% in Mexico. of course, in Brazil the increase was greater (even in the example of the MacBook, 47.1%), after all, the crisis here is big and the dollar seems more like an uncontrolled roller coaster. However, this shows that, although the situation is dire for us, it is not something specific to Brazil or, as some suggest, Apple’s neglect of our country.

But our situation is still quite worrying: with the dollar close to R $ 4.00, this tax burden (the invoice for the iPhone 6 64GB is to prove it) and Apple’s fat profit margins, everything remains very very complicated