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Omron smartwatch is first to measure user blood pressure

Apple has been working hard to bring more health resources to Apple Watch and, for the moment, all attention is focused on a future model (or accessory) of the watch that is capable of measuring the user's blood glucose. Another manufacturer, however, jumped in front of Ma to present a smartwatch with another very important type of monitor: the blood pressure.

THE Omron, one of the world's leading medical equipment and body health companies, introduced smartwatch Heartguide at CES 2018, almost a year ago, but only now received FDA clearance (Food and Drug Administration, the US equivalent agency Anvisa) to market the product in the United States; As a result, it becomes the first wearable device capable of measuring the blood pressure of users.

The technology is not unlike the pulse pressure gauges that everyone knows about, they are extremely miniaturized: inside the watch strap, small compartments inflate during measurement to capture your systolic and diastolic pressure, just by relaxing and positioning your hand height of the heart during the process, which takes no more than 30 seconds.

The watch interface has colored indications to show whether your pressure is below, above or at the appropriate level considering your weight and age information. In addition, the device has all the other sensors and measurements expected from a modern smartwatch, such as step counting, activity monitoring and calorie expenditure, all in an Omron proprietary operating system whose data can be synchronized with an app. for iOS and Android.

The HeartGuide has a battery of about 48 hours, according to Omron, and costs $ 500 The manufacturer's website is still in pre-sale phase, with deliveries starting on the 8th next. The company guarantees that this is the ?average? size of the device and soon larger or smaller versions will be offered for wrists of different sizes.

Does Apple have something to draw on here?

via CNET