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Olympus Introduces Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera with Best Aquatic Photography

The Japanese manufacturer Olympus announced its new waterproof camera Tough TG-6, which comes with a moderate list of improvements compared to its predecessor, the TG-5. Key innovations include refinements for underwater photography and macro framing.


The device will have 6.6 inch screen and camera cutouts can also be modified

The company also implemented an anti-reflective coating for the glass surrounding the sensor, which should reduce the effects of unwanted ghosts and light rays on the image. The Olypus Tough TG-6 has the same design as the previous model, but now its LCD screen has 1.04 million dots compared to 460,000 from last generation.

Official Website: Olympus Tough TG-6

One thing that didn't change was the product's resistance, which is still waterproof to 15 meters deep and shockproof to 2.4 meters. The still camera is capable of withstanding up to 100kg crush and temperatures of up to -10 ° C.

The TG-6 even has a compass, pressure gauge, thermometer and accelerometer GPS, including a tracking feature that associates the photograph with where it was taken and the sensor data above. To use this feature, you need to use a smartphone app.

The TG-6's "microscope" mode has also received improvements, with the ability to magnify the subject of photography up to 44 times, with a minimum focus distance of 1cm. The camera further includes underwater macro shooting modes, with color balance settings for shallow, intermediate and deep depths.

"The Variable Macro System [TG-6] goes beyond the limits of the eye with ultra-close shots up to 1cm in front of the lens. Fully capable underwater shooting modes and a new fisheye converter lens support circular fisheye photography and are available for the Tough TG6, along with a full line of other accessories for expanded capture possibilities, making it the strongest field camera available. "– Official announcement from Olympus

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