Old hardware drivers can cause Chrome to crash

Google in recent months has shown incredible agility with Chrome with the implementation of graphics acceleration features. However, with widespread use among users, the company has encountered an enigmatic problem: a large number of users do not update their drivers.

To try to ensure the stability of Chrome, one of the fundamental principles of the product, Google was forced to add to the browser some old versions of drivers to avoid crashes and to allow the rendering engine not to be affected by the problems.

On the official Chrome blog, the company warns developers to continue to take advantage of hardware acceleration but at the same time allow older drivers to also be compatible, although performance may be compromised.

The company also reports that it is working to provide rendering software that can run some basic 3D applications. even on outdated systems.

To run Chrome optimally, Google recommends using Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 with all updated hardware drivers.