Old exercise data will be saved in watchOS 6

Certainly, until the official release of Apple's new operating systems, which will be made available to the general public in September / October, more details and discoveries will emerge.

About the watchOS 6For example, we have already commented that it comes with its own App Store, new dials (mostly exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 4), and improved health features.

One of these improvements is even related to the Exercises app. Starting with watchOS 6, exercise data will be available on Apple Watch even after you dispense with the summary information.

Currently, in watchOS 5 (and earlier), this data is presented only once after the completion of a physical activity. You can see a brief description of your performance in the last exercise, and s; To view old data, you must use iPhone (which saves this information in the Activity app).

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Summary data is useful for the user to review different exercise metrics and compare them to improve their performance in future sessions. In watchOS 6, this will be possible through the new Activity app, which will analyze your history and exercise trend so you can keep up with your activities.

As we reported, Apple is adding more features to watchOS 6 that will make Apple Watch less dependent on the iPhone, such as this, and even being able to upgrade it on its own.

via 9to5Mac