Offline Portuguese Dictionary – How to download for free? Step by step

Is it always nice to have a sharp Portuguese in it? But as a guarantee it is interesting to have in your smartphone an offline dictionary of Portuguese. Especially if you are a college student, college student, college entrance exam or still working as a copywriter. An app that can help Dicio anytime.

An app that does much more than just take spelling questions. Dicio is a complete Portuguese dictionary. It provides knowledge and thymus to assist in the writing of a text. Here in this text you will know a little about it and know its main advantages. Check out:

Meet Dicio – Portuguese Dictionary offline

Offline Dictionary

Dicio is an online dictionary with browser version. well known and used by anyone who wants to know the correct spelling of a word or even its meaning.

There is the mobile version, and anyone can have it, as long as they have a mobile phone with Android operating system, as the app is only available for them. Free download, but the app has ads. To eliminate them, you have to purchase the paid version.

The browser version of Dicio needs internet to work. However, the application can be used both online and offline. Which makes him an excellent pocket teacher to accompany you on a daily basis.


The function of a simple offline Portuguese dictionary is to spell and spell the words without the need for an internet connection.

In this way it is possible to consult and ask questions about the Portuguese whenever necessary. However, this is not the only function of the Dicio application.

There are other features:

  • Videos explaining the biggest doubts of Portuguese;
  • Word of the day;
  • Favorite the meaning of some words;
  • Random words to increase your vocabulary;
  • Popup meanings: When copying a word in another app, Dicio opens a popup with its meaning;
  • It is possible to search by voice;
  • Has history of queried words.

In addition to spelling and meaning, Dicio also presents to the user synonyms, antonyms and application of that word. For this, we use example sentences.

How it works?

Offline Dictionary

Dicio is an application with a clean and intuitive interface, which greatly facilitates its use. You can use it without much secrecy. Just download and you're done!

To look up a particular word, open the app and type it in the search. When you click Search, Dicio will present the meaning on your screen, along with its synonyms. You can use the voice search feature. The principle is the same.

Because it has a very easy interface, open and observe the available menus and buttons. Soon you will identify all the features we listed in the above topic.

Positive and negative points

The biggest plus point of Dicio is the ability to use it without relying on an internet connection. That is, it works offline.

Moreover, it is one of the most complete dictionaries, where it is possible to check the spelling, meaning and even synonyms of words. Another plus point is the ability to save your favorite words on the SD card.

It's a free app, which means it has ads. However, you can purchase it to remove ads and use Dicio without interruption.

On the other hand, some users reported bugs in the app, stating that they could not find the search words. The developer claims that the application has been updated, correcting these minor errors.

The app is also not compatible with all Android devices, which is a plus point.

How to download Dicio?

Downloading Dicio is even easier than using it. Firstly, you will need a smartphone device running Android 4.1 or higher. On some devices, even being Android, Dicio is not compatible.

Already over 1 million users with the Dicio app installed on their cell phones. Your 4.8-star Play Store rating out of 5. Over 74,000 people have rated it.

Now that you know a good offline Portuguese dictionary app, just go to the Play Store and download it for free.

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