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official: WhatsApp Plus comes to an end

WhatsApp + days are numbered. WhatsApp is sending legal notifications to remove all unauthorized trademark download and use links.

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WhatsApp Plus is over. / ANDROIDPIT

One of the WhatsApp + developers, Mounib Al Rifai, posted the news in the app community on Google Plus:

We received a letter of notification from WhatsApp and are required to remove all download links and delete this community.

I'm sorry about that, but our hands are tied. WhatsApp gave us no alternative. (…)

January 21: WhatsApp + rest in peace

The app still works for users who have already downloaded it, but it is not known for how long. This measure also applies to all unofficial WhatsApp-related applications. If you had the app and don't want to go back to WhatsApp, we have an article with free alternatives:

Did you use WhatsApp +?

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