official: WhatsApp gives up paid membership and becomes completely free!

Have you paid to use WhatsApp? If you don't worry, you won't have to pay a penny to get the app running on your Android. From now on, use WhatsApp completely free!

For those who did not know, the courier charged $ 0.99 from the second year of use, being the first year free. Well, now this charge has been officially dropped and WhatsApp has become free for everyone! The announcement was given at a conference held in Munich, Germany, by the founder of the service, Jan Koum.

This WhatsApp decision came to simplify the use of the service.

androidpit whatsapp hero 16
Soon the billing advice will disappear. / ANDROIDPIT

Importantly, the charge is still in effect, as we can see on the official website of the tool. Therefore, the new policy adopted by the service should be valid soon. Remember, too, that WhatsApp boasts for not using ads. Will this story change now?

The founder of the service immediately tried to clarify this issue. According to him, users need not worry about this: "Of course, people can imagine how we will keep WhatsApp running without the annual charge and if that means we will adopt third-party ad serving. The answer is no."

So no ads on WhatsApp either.

Now tell us: Have you ever paid to use WhatsApp?

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