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Official: the new release date for The Last of Us II is confirmed

It is probably the most anticipated game of the current generation of consoles. The Last of Us Part II now has a new official release date, after being postponed indefinitely. The Naughty Dog adventure will be available from June 19 – the news was released on PlayStation itself this Monday.

The first confirmation was scheduled for February 21, but the stadium was forced to postpone the launch until May 29. In early April, however, the company again announced the postponement of the game, but this time indefinitely, given the pandemic of COVID-19.

The news comes after a leak caused several video games to emerge on the internet. The videos showed important cutscenes of the game, revealing parts of the story. Although no reference was made to the event, it is possible that it hastened the confirmation of the new date.

To give some prominence to this new The Last of Us, Sony was forced to reschedule the release of Ghost of Tsushima. The debut of the new Sucker Punch game was set for June 26th – just a week after this new date for The Last of Us Part II – but so that the Naughty Dog title can take a prominent place for a while longer, Ghost of Tsushima s hit the market on July 17th.

In The Last of Us Part II you'll be able to continue Ellie's story, now 19 years old, passionate and very angry to manage. Remember that the character was not the protagonist of the first title, but Joel, who now seems to take a more secondary role.

The hordes of infected return, but it is only humans who seem to pose the greatest threat from this sequel.