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OFFICIAL: DJI Mavic Mini drone fits in palm, flies for 30 minutes and costs $ 399

UPDATE 11:40 – We received a new report from DJI's advisory that In Brazil the Mavic Mini initially arrive in the Fly More version, but still without price, the announcement will happen in a event on November 13. In an international scenario the values ​​are in $ 399 in the normal kit and $ 499 in the Fly More kit.

THE DJI officially announced its first drone of 2019: the Mavic Mini – model that brings some very impressive specifications for a drone of this size and features that can make him the company's biggest success to date, as the weight of only 249 grams. Check out the specifications of the newly announced drone and understand why we find it to be a worldwide bestseller.

Very small, weighing only 249 grams but with 30 minutes of flight range


Many do not know that to take off most drones it takes some procedures

O Mavic Mini DJI's smallest and lightest drone which bears the name of the most successful line in the world. More than the line models Phantomdrones Mavic have become a reference for bringing good technologies in very compact sizes, true water splitters in this business – the Mini being a kind of updated and improved version of Sparkbut within the Mavic line which has as one of its main features the retractable landing gear, making it much easier when we talk about portability.

Mavic Mini Official Website

We also have another extremely important point here: the weight. The Mavic Mini hit the market with only 249 grams (counting the battery). But, you ask: and what does it have to do? It has to do with legislation!

Designing such a lightweight, compact yet competent drone like the Mavic Mini was one of the most challenging projects we've ever faced at DJI. – Roger Luo, DJI President.

The rules surrounding drones weighing less than 250 grams are much more relaxed around the world. Approval issues, for example, are softer even here in Brazil, ready to go to the most necessary registration with Anatel. And that, consequently, also has to do with the costs for the process launch in the market. In addition to the time with red tape that the pilot does not spend, DJI boosts sales of the Mavic Mini, because it is not the profile of Spark, but closer to the Mavic Air, with a number of very interesting features besides the compact size.

Mavic Mini brings one of the longest flight times on the market, 30 minutes

Another highlight flight time of this drone. According to DJI, the Mavic Mini can handle up to 30 minutes in the air due to its ultra light design and lower power consumption motors. With this autonomy, he offers one of the longest flight times for a consumer drone, even compared to larger models. As a basis of comparison the Mavic 2 has autonomy of 31 minutes of flight and the Mavic Air 21 minutes, since when we talk about Spark the Mini almost doubles the 16 minutes.

The camera has a 3 axis gimbal system, 12MP 1 / 2.3 "CMOS sensor capable of recording video on 2.7K resolution at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps – considerably better than Spark and its 2-axis gimbal.

Regarding security, he brings:


GEO Zones function is part of DJI GO 4 application that controls company drones

  • Geographical delineation for pilots to avoid restricted areas – "See our No Fly Zone article";
  • AeroScope to help protect reserved places;
  • Built-in altitude limits; and
  • Automatic return to starting point if drone loses connection to controller or reaches critical battery level.

Note that it does not yet come with the AirSense system that will appear on all DJI models released from January 2020.

Returning to the drone, GPS receivers and lower visual sensors detect ground beneath the drone, allowing it to stably fly and perform accurate landings both indoors and outdoors. We highlight here that unlike other models of the Mavic line, it has no front, side or top or bottom sensors. The Wi-Fi signal promises to offer stable control and HD broadcast to the smartphone screen – it has maximum range of 4km when without interference, same as Mavic Air which also uses WiFi connection.

Models for sale

The "standard" version features the drone with an extra battery, control, charger, cables and propellers. J Fly More kit similar to the other DJI drones, bringing, in addition to what comes in the normal kit, three batteries in total, charging hub, extra propellers and a bag. Other than that, the drone has a list of new accessories sold separately.

  • Accessory Adapter: Connect a Lego adapter or mini LED display to the Mavic Mini to write custom messages.
  • Exclusive illuminated charging base.
  • Bidirectional Charging Hub: charge up to three batteries or use it as a power bank.
  • DIY Creative Kit: kit with custom stickers for the drone.
  • Mini travel bag.
  • 360 Propeller Protector: Offers a 360 protector for added security.
  • Propeller Support: bracket that locks the propellers in place.

Mavic Mini promises to be a drone for everyone – including beginners

And besides all that, the new DJI Fly app Comes with an intuitive design for riders of all levels. Tutorials are included to help you learn about flight, and editing templates come pre-built. You can choose between Position Position (P) mode for basic, Sport (S) or CineSmooth (C) to increase braking time. There are also several preprogrammed flight modes known as QuickShots:

  • Dronie: The drone flies back and forth, with the camera tracking its target.
  • Rocket: The drone flies straight into the sky with the camera pointed down following its target.
  • Helix (Helix): The drone flies up and away, spiraling around its target.
  • Orbit (Circle): The drone circles around its target at a constant distance and altitude.


UPDATE 11:08: As main competitors when it comes to prices DJI has models of its own line, the Mavic Air ($ 4,000 +) and Spark ($ 2,000 +/-). Considering the initial price that I had informed to Brazil in the amount of R $ 2,000, surely the Mavic Mini would catch all interested in Spark and even Mavic Air, but at the last minute we received an information that the national price was not yet defined and of $ 2,500 on the Fly More version, which can cost a lot more, although it has no definition, so we will not draw our conclusions because the price defines a lot in positioning in the market.

Some readers might be thinking, what about the FIMI X8 SE? I wish I had published the review, but right on our second flight it just doesn't turn on anymore, and the process of trying to resolve along with FIMI support is being a bit of a problem, and more, the problem happened after a firmware update without any flight or fall, alone and out of nowhere. But I raised it twice and the first impression was very negative when compared to a model like Mavic Air for example, the responses are slow in control and the image for the smartphone is constantly falling, I did not have this problem with the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K by For example, finally, there is no comparison, an important comment since out of the country the X8 SE is priced similar to Mavic Mini.

I still intend to finalize the review of FIMI if support solves this problem or change the drone, which incidentally, had $ 985 reais when arriving in Brazil.

Price in Brazil is not yet defined

In addition, I see the Mavic Mini as an ideal model for a first purchase, it will suit very well that you want to start in the world of dones for all of the above, being a model of easy transport above all, and that "escapes" the restrictions of several countries when it comes to drones, and that makes all the difference, I'm afraid that several countries may change their legislation in the short term because of the impact this model will have on sales, However, everything will depend on the price it will get here.


The Mavic Mini is available from today in some parts of the world – in Brazil, it will arrive during the second half of November. Interested parties may choose between two purchase options:

  • Standard version (includes drone, control, battery, additional propellers and all tools and cables) from $ 399; or
  • Mavic Mini Fly More Combo (all standard items + 360 propeller guard, bidirectional hub, 2 extra batteries, 3 additional propeller sets and a carrying case) from $ 499.

Below is a comparative table of drones Mavic Mini, Mavic Air and Spark.

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