Office Remote: Control PowerPoint presentations directly from your Android

THE Microsoft made available today at Play Store It's a very useful tool for most Android device users.

New app lets you remotely control PowerPoint presentations via the Bluetooth between the device and a compatible computer.

Microsoft tablets apps
Microsoft's new app controls Office support through Android.


The application Office remote for Android brings some facilities to control presentations being displayed through PowerPoint.

Features are not limited to just switching between slides, but allow you to pause video, music, and multimedia objects embedded in the presentation.

How to use Office Remote

  1. The user must be using a computer or notebook with Windows 8 and Office 2013 installed.
  2. Inside Office 2013 a plug-in must be installed that allows connection to the Android device.

    You can download it through this link.

  3. Make sure your Android device is running Bluetooth active.

    Open the app and find your Office 2013 suite in the list of available computers.

    The communication happens automatically.

    You can download Office Remote through this link.

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Some features of Excel and Word can be controlled by the application, such as enabling text and spreadsheets in full screen mode.

So, have you tested Office Remote?

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