Office package arrives for Android and iOS in November

Office package arrives for Android and iOS in November

Recently, a friend asked if my Android smartphone had the Microsoft Office suite because she needed to deliver a project by some time of day, but she didn't want to have to go home because on her iPhone Office wasn't accessible. At the time, it was inevitable that she would get up from her desk and finish work at home, but it seems that times have changed. Yesterday, the Boy Genius Report website reported that, through a reliable source, it has evidence that Microsoft intends to release versions of its Office suite for Android and iOS.

What would change? In doing so, Microsoft brings one of its core software to tablets and later to smartphones. According to the site, the November release forecast this year, in November, precisely on November 5, Google launch 5 Nexus in celebration of the 5 years of Android. The month of November seems to be packed with emotions, doesn't it?

Although Microsoft did not speak up, the information matches previous news from The Daily, which announced exclusively a functional Office prototype on an iPad. Yesterday we published an article about the launch of Windows 8 and, by all indications, the computer giant wants to make 2012 a warm spectacle.

Image: Boy Genius Report