Office Live Workspace in Portuguese

The new version of Office for the Web is already in Portuguese allowing users to save online more than 1,000 Office documents, sharing them with colleagues and changing them from any computer. Office Live Workspace is still in beta and is not expected to be released until 2009.

This Office extension is a clear response from Microsoft to the productivity packages webbased, like Google Docs, giving users the ability to save, share and access documents, but not to create them online.

Documents are protected by passwordsthus allowing security of access to information.

The documents supported in this web version of the Office desktop are Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but it is also possible to synchronize the lists of contacts, tasks and events with Outlook.

office live workspace 1

“This is one of the first Microsoft solutions that is part of the set of online services that form the strategic vision of Microsoft Software + Services”, explains Henrique Carreiro, responsible for the Infornation Worker area at Microsoft Portugal

Office Live Workspace is free to use and Microsoft believes that users reach out to professionals who need to share documents or have information available to access via their home computer, but also to home users and students who can share school projects from colleagues and teachers, exchange ideas and research.

office live workspace 2

To open files saved online in Workspace from Office applications, Microsoft has made available an Office Live add-in that must be installed. It also allows you to store documents in the web space easily.

The beta version of Office Live Workspace is now available in 20 languages ​​and has more than 1 million users worldwide, being compatible with other web browsers besides Internet Explorer, such as Firefox.

Today Microsoft opens the website in Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish and Turkish.