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Offers: iPhones 6 Plus 16GB, 64GB and 128GB with up to R $ 1,000 discount!

Looking for a iPhone 6 Plus silver? We found good offers around the world.

iPhone 6 Plus silver

At Fnac, the 16GB version is coming out R $ 2,899.00 savings of R $ 1,000 compared to the price practiced by Apple. This value can be divided into up to 8 times.

At Walmart, the 64GB and 128GB versions have a R $ 700 discount, coming out respectively R $ 3,599.00 and R $ 3,999.00, values ​​that can be divided into up to 10 times. At Apple, these devices cost R $ 4,299.00 and R $ 4,699.00.

Taking into account the price of the dollar (which simply does not stop rising), the values ​​are practically the same as the American ones.

(tip from Rodolpho Tonoli Pinto)