Offer: AirPods Pro with 29% discount up to 12x!

Great offer for those who were eyeing us AirPods Pro!

Sold by Apple for R $ 2,249 (up to 12x), the headphones with Noise Canceling and Environment Mode are now leaving on Submarino for R $ 1,599, and can also be paid in up to 12x if you pay with the Ame app – cashback (R $ 31.98).

That is, we are talking about an economy of 29% (R $ 650). Taking into account the American price (US $ 249) and the dollar rising like that (currently above R $ 4.70), here is an offer that is paying off.

For those interested, be sure to read our review on the new headphones!

Enjoy! ?

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If you’re not crazy, of course you like to save. And for that, the MacMagazine created the extension MM Offers!

MM Oertas

With it (available for the Chrome browser), you can easily and quickly know if the product you want to buy is cheaper at another store, you can get price alerts, view the entire product history and even apply discount coupons automatically! All this respecting your privacy, without collecting any type of information / user data (the maximum information we get is when you register when you choose to receive a price alert for a desired product).

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Offers and promotions at MM Forum

To those who love to take advantage and hunt for good offers, we now have a dedicated space for them on our discussion forum, the MM Forum.

MM Forum Offers

Whenever we find something interesting that permeates the Apple world or even the technology market in general, we will publish for you to stay on top. You, of course, can also use and abuse the space, giving tips on good promotions that you find out there. ?

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