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Odio, a great radio streaming app for Linux

If you like to listen to online radio from Brazil and the world, I hate the app that will help you, without your passing.

As we recently reported, the Gradio radio streaming application has been discontinued and so has given way to Shortwave, but like everything in the Linux and Open Source world there is always an alternative or competitor to such a task, very cool software called Odio fits in. in this situation.

  Odio, a great streaming radio app for Linux Even though there are apps and services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer and the like, there are a lot of people who still listen to radio, it may be to listen to music or news, and in the modern world where we are having a stack radio the last option you would You may want to, as we can have radio on our mobile or browser with radio sites, but there will always be those who prefer to have an app on their computer to better centralize and manage the stations they are listening to and even discover new ones as the app enters. Hate, which uses the radio-browser site as a base to pull radio information available online.

Odio's interface is very similar to Spotify It's very intuitive, too, having country and language search tools, making radio searches easier. Here in Brazil we have a range of options of about 420 registered stations. Oppo will not miss. Odio has a light and dark theme for those who like to customize.

The app also lets you favorite the radio you discover and access it in the My Library section, which at the moment has no way of arranging alphabetically or anything but simple to locate.

To download it you can choose between two options on Linux. Via AppImage or via Snap, if your distro doesn't support snapping, check out this special post explaining how to enable snapd and get support.

It also multiplatform, if you want versions for Windows and macOS, go to their website. The developer is the Israeli Meni Edri.

Tell us in the comments which drowsiness is going on in your radio.

Hope to see you next post, big hug.

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