Oculus Quest: What's changing with the Facebook virtual reality system update?

Oculus Quest: What's changing with the Facebook virtual reality system update?

With the Game Developers Conference becoming a virtual event, and running until March 20, Facebook has chosen to announce new updates to its virtual reality (VR) system on a blog. The Oculus Quest software, unveiled at the end of 2018, is being renewed with an update to the user interface, which, according to the company, represents "a step towards transforming VR into a computing platform". of software should start to be released this month, although it is necessary to activate them in the Experimental Features section.

According to the images and information released by the company acquired by the social network in 2014, Quest's interface now appears to be simpler, facilitating navigation. The new menu is also less complex and can be accessed through the system's applications, without having to go back to the initial interface.

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In addition, Oculus is also adding support for multiple windows for VR equipment, starting with the built-in Internet browser. In this way, it will be possible to open, close and rearrange windows, as well as to have three giant floating monitors.

"The VR platform of the future should allow people to multitask, navigate between apps seamlessly and connect with others and simply do more," the publication reads. "From gaming, to media, to entertainment, to social experiences and to work, VR, as the next computing platform, will support all the uses people expect from their current equipment, such as smartphones and laptops", guarantees the company.

The update comes after Facebook acquired another VR video game producer in late February. This time it was the American stadium Sanzaru Games, known for the successful virtual reality game Asgards Wrath.