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Oculus Quest and Glass Enterprise Edition 2 use Qualcomm processors

Here, we always mention Qualcomm and its technologies, most often relating it to its processors on smartphones. The Snapdragon line is certainly the best known today and carries a great reputation. But the company is also behind other technologies, as we mentioned in the article about V2X, and is one of the main people behind the organization of the group behind 5G.


She promises to create an intelligent traffic network and connect the car with everything around her.

Investing in major technology trends, the company is also behind two of the latest virtual reality glasses, Oculus Quest and Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Oculus Quest was developed by Facebook to be a virtual reality goggle with everything you need, no connection to a computer, no cables and no major installation in the gaming area, in your living room, for example.

It uses four cameras positioned at the ends of the device to read the environment, the processing of which is done by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR, designed for this use. The development of this processor was closely monitored by the Oculus team, who needed a low-power processor capable of encoding video, as well as movement information.

Already the Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Google's virtual reality glasses, the processor present the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1. This headset is designed for everyday work functions. It has a system with applications similar to Android, which facilitates its support by developers and does not care to fit in the pocket of casual people, since their business focus.

This multicore processor focuses on artificial intelligence, with an advanced learning system. In addition to bringing good power efficiency, according to Qualcomm and its partner Google, it was also necessary to take steps to make a processor that didn't get too hot due to gadget limitations.

Qualcomm is one of the companies to keep an eye on the world of technology, always with new discoveries and improvements. Oculus Quest arrived for $ 399, while Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for $ 999.

Source: Qualcomm