Obvious rumor of the day: “iPhone 7” will be released in the week of September 12 [atualizado]

Obvious rumor of the day: “iPhone 7” will be released in the week of September 12 [atualizado]

Apple's calendar in recent years regarding the announcement of new iPhones has been very constant:

Today at dawn, as "who wants nothing", Evan Blass dropped this on Twitter:

His story is very good and undeniable that his sources are hot, but it is still a fairly obvious rumor considering the above story.

Not that Apple has ever held an event on a Monday, but most likely even if she sets the keynote for September 13 (Tuesday) or September 14 (Wednesday), with new devices hitting stores on Friday the following week, that is, on 23 September. Last year, however, Apple gave an extra week of ad space to availability; that is, September 30 is also a plausible date.

A few days ago, Blass also posted what would be the “iPhones 7” codenames:

If we only have two "Sonora" and “Dos Palos” (two small towns in California), it is possible that rumors about a third new “Pro” model will be broken. So I hope

And you, what are you thinking about this year's iPhone?

Recalling that the forecasts above refer to the international launch of the new iPhone, usually in the United States and in a first standard wave of countries determined by Apple. In Brazil, it usually lands only 2-3 months later.

Update by Eduardo Marques · 07/23/2016 s 22:54

In order to make everything clearer, Evan Blass complemented the tweets above with this:

When he spoke on September 12, he was referring to the week that the iPhone actually hit stores, and not the presentation event itself that should happen a week or two before. As it traditionally does, then, Apple should start selling the new devices on Friday this week (9/16).

Whoever goes to MM Tour V will do well. 😜