Obama, Apple, Elon Musk and dozens of celebrities have Twitter hacked in the biggest attack in history

Obama, Apple, Elon Musk and dozens of celebrities have Twitter hacked in the biggest attack in history

Last Wednesday (15), several accounts of companies and celebrities on Twitter were hacked as part of a scam involving bitcoins

Last Wednesday (15) the Twitter suffered the biggest hacker attack in its history, and thousands of verified accounts of big companies, billionaires and celebrities were hacked in order to promote a well-known fraud scheme involving bitcoins, and it seems that it guaranteed good money for hackers.

The scam used by criminals in the new, is already common in stolen YouTube accounts. It consists of a message shared by a celebrity saying that she wants to do something for the community, with the link to a bitcoin wallet where the alleged celebrity says that for every bitcoin sent to that address, she will return the double to the person.

hack twitter Some of the hacked accounts that spread the bitcoin scam

At the YouTube, this scam usually done using the name and image of Elon Musk (founder of Tesla and SpaceX), but the massive attack on Twitter made, in addition to Musk himself, the accounts of people like Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon), Joe Biden (candidate for president of the United States), Barack Obama (ex-president of the United States), Kanye West (rapper) ), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Michael Bloomberg (founder of Bloomberg LP) and even Apple's official account shared messages about this type of fraud.

In general, many of these tweets were deleted minutes after they were posted, but the problem was only resolved overnight, after the Twitter blocked all verified accounts from the platform (regardless of whether they were hacked or not) from posting anything for about an hour.

Reason for attack on Twitter

Little is yet known about the reasons behind the attack, but according to the Twitter, it happened because the fraudsters attacked some employees of the company and took control of internal Twitter tools which allowed these criminals to take control of so many accounts on the platform.

Although the company does not confirm this information, the explanation of the Twitter It implies that the attack was not the fault of a single person, but of a group of fraudsters who had the help of more than one Twitter employee to execute it.

According to an investigation by the Motherboard website, some of the hackers involved in the scheme admitted that they paid for an employee of the Twitter give them access to an internal company tool used to take over accounts. This tool was used by fraudsters to change the email address associated with the chosen accounts, which allowed criminals to take control of so many verified accounts.

When checking the records of movement of the fake account used by scammers, it is possible to know that the coup on a massive scale was worth a good collection for criminals, since the records show a movement of about US $ 120 thousand in bitcoins in the used wallet for the coup – the equivalent of about R $ 640 thousand.

Even so, the Twitter continues to investigate whether there were any other reasons behind the break-ins other than promoting the bitcoin scam, since as many of the hacked accounts were political figures (including that of Trump's opponent in this year's presidential election), it is possible that the scammers have had access to information present in the DMs (direct messages) of these people, which could be used to deliver new scams in the future.

Since before the attack, the Twitter it was already one of the targets of a series of investigations by the United States Congress on the confidentiality of user data (which started after the disclosure of the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica), and now the company is likely to be investigated further. background in this sense – mainly due to the fact that sensitive data of important political figures may have been stolen.

If you are concerned about having your account stolen, one of the most important steps to prevent this is to enable 2-step verification in Twitterbecause the option adds another level of defense to your account and makes life much harder for anyone who tries to break into it.

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