Nylas Mail: Gmail for desktop

As some people know – at least those who watch our channel on Telegram – I had some problems with my notebook and finally adopted Ubuntu Mate as my operating system.

The experience of using Linux is very close to Android, being the customizable, flexible and robust platform to equip any type of computer / device.

With Ubuntu Mate in hand and installed, I did a lot of research on Google to find out what would be the best programs to use on a daily basis.

While many of them are trivial, unimportant, one app caught the eye: the free email software Nylas Mail.

Nylas Mail can definitely be defined as "Gmail for desktop". Although born with proprietary codes, it was recently released to the open source community.

In addition to the Gmail-like interface, the platform offers interesting options such as a second panel for reading messages, detailed contacts, reading tracking, custom themes, undelete options and quick replies.

And, unlike what you might think due to the context of the post, Nylas Mail is not exclusive to Linux. There are versions for Windows and Mac that can be downloaded by this link.

For now, according to devs, the software has no auto-update. Follow the link above to download the new versions made available by the developers.