Nvidia to Support Nouveau Project to Build Graphics Drivers for Linux

Nvidia to Support Nouveau Project to Build Graphics Drivers for Linux

Nvidia says it will help develop open source drivers for Linux

Nvidia promises to help improve your Linux drivers

Good news comes to us Linux users, Nvidia, one of the leading graphics card companies in the market stated in a list Nouveau developer who will help the project develop the open source drivers for Nvidia cards by providing more detailed documentation of their GPUs.

Thanks to collaboration with Valve, Nvidia has begun to greatly improve support for its Linux drivers and provide support for Optimus technology through Bumblebee.

The cooperation between Nvidia and Nouveau may soon bring several improvements to the OpenSource drivers that will be included in the kernel.

This initiative will greatly improve the condition of Nvidia card owners using Linux, and also further indication that the news we recently published that the Mir have proprietary driver support really true, since this list covers some Canonical developers.

The biggest advantages of drivers being included in the kernel is that you don't need to install any proprietary drivers to be able to play Steam games for example, another important factor that this attitude may make AMD / ATI also wake up and improve support for their GPUs otherwise. may lose market share among Linux users.

If one day Linus Torvalds sent Nvidia "to that place" now does he have reason to compliment her on?


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