Apple may be interested in soon adopting the USB 3.0 standard

NVIDIA spokesperson "confirms" that Intel will not support USB 3.0 before 2011

It was already to be expected that Intel would not support USB 3.0 before 2011, but this time, it was not just any chip maker, but NVIDIA, as reported byTG Daily. A company spokesman appears to have confirmed the speculation via email last week, based on the same sources who released information on the matter a few days ago.

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The spokesman said that the Intel initiative is preventing the industry from having access to significant updates for hardware construction, serving as a criticism of the fact that it still wants to monopolize the distribution of chipsets for its processors. "With no chipset competitor, it looks like Intel has decided that innovation is not needed soon in the USB standard," he said.

NVIDIA could be working on this and other features for its chipsets, but they would not be released for use with processors Nehalem as long as the licensing fight between the two companies does not end in a favorable way. Because of this, Apple was just one of the manufacturers forced to modify the manufacturing process of their computers, failing to employ the GeForce 9400M as graphics hardware for some of the new iMacs.

Apparently, Intel gives priority to its new Light Peak technology, which, despite transferring data at twice the speed of USB 3.0, is still not seen reliably by many. Leaving aside support for USB 3.0 devices, despite its technical restrictions, would be an attitude that would displease many people in the PC industry, if all this speculation were confirmed.

(via Electronist)