Nvidia Shield TV e Shield TV Pro de 2019 são lançados por preços a partir de US$ 149

Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro 2019 are released for prices starting at $ 149

After appearing on the internet in every possible way, the new 2019 versions for the Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro finally were officially launched by the company. Not much news for those already following the news, with the specifications and prices being just confirmed. At least now it will be easier to find products in US stores.


Device must have Tegra X1 + processor and support for Dolby Vision and Atmos

Models cost $ 149 for the basic version and $ 199 Pro version. Both versions had already appeared in a Best Buy during the past week and were photographed. The person who saw the products there bought a Shield TV Pro and revealed their specifications by Reddit:

– NVIDIA Tegra X1 + Processor – 256-Core NVIDIA GPU Dolby Atmosphere Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Audio- 3 GB RAM- 16 GB Storage- Expandable via USB 3.0- 80.11ac Dual-Band MIMO Wi-Fi-Gigabit Ethernet- Bluetooth 5.0 + LE

With the official release, however, we can get more details about the new processor, the Tegra X1 +but unfortunately Nvidia did not delve into the subject. The company only promised 25% better performance than the original Tegra X1, which is as expected after the first version of the 2015 component.

The basic Shield TV has about the same specifications as the Pro, except that it has 2GB of RAM and is a more compact device with fewer connections.

The remote control that comes in both versions is the same, with buttons that light up when the control detects motion, a customizable button and Bluetooth 5.0 support. The control can also be activated by voice commands and has an integrated finder to help you find it if needed.

For those who do not know Shield TV, the set-top box as if it were a Chromecast more powerful, offering more advanced features (such as 4K HDR streaming), but basically the same functions as streaming YouTube channels, PrimeVideo, Netflix, etc., plus compatibility with Android apps from the Play Store.

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