NVIDIA lança documentação das suas GPUs e ajuda NOUVEAU

NVIDIA Releases Documentation of its GPUs and NOUVEAU Help

The green giant in the tech world, takes an important step towards helping open source video drivers.

The world of open source has received a bombshell, to say the least. THE NVIDIA went on to help developers of open source drivers for Linux. NOUVEAU did you hear an amm?

NVIDIA launches documentation of its GPUs and helps NOUVEAU Unbeknownst to anyone, NVIDIA has released GitHub documentation, providing information such as its BIOS tables, device control block, device initialization, Falcon Engine security, memory clock adjustments, shader headers program, energy states, among other things. This had been under discussion since 2013, on the NOUVEAU mailing list.

This is big news and will greatly help NOUVEAU people deal with GPUs from generations like Maxwell, Pascal, Volta, and Kepler, which can improve open source driver performance.

However, there is a "but", however, these news may not yet be felt in newer versions, such as GTX 900 series or newer GPUs, not yet having the re-clocking / signed firmware of these series. I do not doubt that this is a matter of time for them to be "included" as well.

Who reported this news, was the staff of Phoronix, and in email answered by NVIDIA, the work of making the documentation available is still in its early stages and in constant progress. It may seem like a small step now, but at least one step, similar to what AMD has done in the past. If you want to access the documentation officially, simply access NVIDIA's GitHub here. She uses the MIT license. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

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