NVIDIA graphics card

NVIDIA PCIe card drivers are now properly updated for macOS High Sierra

A few months ago, we broke the news here that was the joy of half a dozen users of the old Mac Pro “cheese grater” and the large community dedicated to the infamous Hackintosh: a NVIDIA would start making drivers for its Series 10 graphics cards available for Macs, allowing users to use their solutions on Apple computers after years of separation.

NVIDIA graphics card

Now, if you are one of the users who are depending on these drivers to operate your machine, you can now breathe easy and update it: the manufacturer has just released an update to add compatibility with the new version of macOS, the High Sierra.

Version 378. (whew!) Of the drivers brings, in addition to support for the new system, the usual performance improvements and bug fixes. It’s good to note that the update also adds support for cards connected to the latest iMacs 5K and MacBooks Pro via GPU drawers, but that support is still in beta and may fail – in other words, don’t depend on it for your work. day-to-day, if you can avoid it.

Downloads can be made through this link, to the main driver, and from this one to the CUDA auxiliary driver. Enjoy!

via 9to5Mac