NVIDIA may come with some news for the Open Source driver in 2020

The year 2019 was really quite interesting for those using the NVIDIA driver on Linux. It was some news that we were not expecting so early.

In the month of August, we had two very important, not to say bombastic, news for those using NVIDIA drivers. The first news was that the company on the green side of Github released a very wide documentation on Github that helped the people who develop the open source driver Nouveau, thus improving it. But still, the open source drive didn't work well with the newer GPUs, especially on the above GTX 900 series. We approached this article better. Also new in 2019 was the race against time that NVIDIA has made in hybrid notebook architectures, where you have two GPUs, usually one integrated (Intel) and the other dedicated (NVIDIA or dGPU). Until then, to use Linux on these devices, it was necessary to use Bumblebee technology, for example, but it did not support the latest technologies, such as VULKAN. But that has changed with the people in NVIDIA's Linux department investing efforts to fix that and bring all of the company's technology to those who use Linux. We cover a very nice article that you check here. But 2019 is not over yet, and you can still reserve a last thrill for those using NVIDIA on Linux. The technology site Phoronix, was informed by a reader, that on the NVIDIA website, in the event part, a lecture at GPU Technology Conference 2020 would have the following theme: Open Source, Linux Kernel, and NVIDIA, presented by the leading software engineer. from NVIDIA, John Hubbard. What is curious, the content to be approached, that:

We will report on NVIDIA's status and development activities to date, and possibly some future plans and directions (depending on the latest updates), about our contributions to the Linux kernel; Nouveau support (the open source driver for GPUs on Linux), including signed firmware, documentation and patches of NVIDIA Kernel drivers.

Remember that AMD (red side out) and Intel (blue side out) already have their drivers open source and the devs are working on them and getting paid.

My reaction was WOW is this really happening ?? Does NVIDIA really wake up and will now start investing in the open source model, as its rivals do, and so can benefit as they do? Because I believe that if NVIDIA goes the same way and starts walking side by side with the Nouveau people, we could have several improvements being implemented faster, as in the case of Hybrids for example. Even support for Wayland can become viable. I hope she goes that way, because everyone wins.

But what about you, do you think she's really coming or are you just giving false hope? Tell us in the comments.

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