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NVIDIA Joins Blender Foundation Development

Foundation receives important contribution to continue the improvement of Blender.

THE Blender one of the most famous 3D modeling tools, so much so that it is used by Hollywood in some of its films, as well as based on some games using it, like Ubisoft , Epic Games and Valve for example. Now receive one more giant, NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Joins Blender Foundation Development

The announcement was made on Blender's official Twitter, commenting that the entry of NVIDIA would allow the addition of two more devs in the project.

NVIDIA has joined Blender Foundation Development with the Patron level. This will allow two more developers to work on the core development of Blender and keep NVIDIA GPU technology well supported by our users. Thank you NVIDIA for trusting our work!

The Patron level (Patron or Patron) means that NVIDIA will be allocating at least 120,000 (at the current conversion, around $ 540,000) per year.

It also yielded a comment from Blender Foundation President Ton Roosendaal in the ad tweet saying the following:

We have worked very well with the NVIDIA team over the years. I am very happy to see that this is now consolidated with your membership as a member of the Development Fund. Welcome community !.

That's great to see, big companies focusing on and supporting open source projects like Blender. These types of financial contributions are of the utmost importance, as projects can stay alive, so to speak. I think other popular projects could go the same way and further evolve their products.

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