NVIDIA crashes and more crashes, now with GeForce 9400M

NVIDIA crashes and more crashes, now with GeForce 9400M

As you may already know, the NVIDIA GPU (more specifically the GeForce 9600M) that powers the new MacBook Pro is under suspicion.

The problems generated by this failure are already known: in the short term, a Black Screen of Death; in the long run, a possible “death” of the GPU.

Well, I was all happy with my newest purchase (a MacBook Pro Late 2008) when, suddenly, I noticed a problem: from time to time, the screen of my MacBook Pro “blinks”. In the total "chutmetro", I venture to say that every 10 minutes the screen turns off and on in a fraction of seconds. But believe me: the thing is very noticeable.

At first, I thought it was a specific problem with my machine, but I decided to take a look and in Apple's own support forum I discovered a topic (created on 11/28, that is, a recent thing) that addresses the * very * problem.

According to some comments on the topic, the problem with the flashing screen happens only when using the GeForce 9400M. When the user switches to GeForce 9600M, the problem goes away. This only makes things worse for NVIDIA, which was already being investigated for the problems presented by the GeForce 9600M and now could also suffer from the GeForce 9400M.

As soon as I read about this problem, several doubts started popping up in my head: could the new MacBooks suffer from this problem? Does it only manifest itself on the MacBook Pro because it has both GPUs? Can it be solved by updating software / firmware?

Now, the best question of all: has anyone seen a computer with two graphics cards, both of which have serious problems ?!