NVIDIA continues to take losses due to defective chips

NVIDIA continues to take losses due to defective chips

O The Inquirer reports that the manufacturer of current GPUs used by Apple on Macs continues to take considerable losses due to the supply of chips with manufacturing defects to major companies in the world PC market. In the last four months alone, approximately US $ 120 million have been employed in this area, without count the nearly $ 200 million spent last year.

NVIDIA - pineapple also for Ma (again!)

Many users, including readers, are still being affected by problems with overheating NVIDIA GPUs in MacBooks Pro in addition to many others, affected by the same failure in Dell, HP and other brands laptops, something we started covering last year , just before a complete overhaul of the Apple line. Weeks after that, he himself The Inquirer exhibited results of an investigation done with the new chip line used by the Cupertino firm, which also confirmed the possibility of short-term failures in the new laptops.

In an official announcement, an NVIDIA spokesperson assumed that the costs of defective GPU replacement were actually higher than expected and we must remember that the manufacturer's own insurer came to justice due to what happened, but this did not reach her in the process launching new products, which is causing it to recover investments thanks to the increased demand for chips. However, we will only see results of that recovery until the end of the year, as the company's second quarter was marked by a loss of more than $ 105 million.

(Via: 9 to 5 Mac.)