NVIDIA CEO talks about legal fight with Intel and good relations with Apple and its products

NVIDIA CEO talks about legal fight with Intel and good relations with Apple and its products

CEO of NVIDIAAs CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang is going through a very delicate time, facing a complicated situation with the legal dispute that opened against Intel a few months ago. When talking about his company and its products at a renowned university in the city of Dubai, he could not fail to expose, even for a few minutes, his opinion on the case.

Huang says that his rival in the courts wants to do something that goes against the commercial intentions of many manufacturers in the PC industry: standardizing the technology that these companies want to differentiate, in an initiative to create the best possible product for their customers. The most popular generation of integrated graphics hardware from NVIDIA, available on the market about a year ago, is perhaps one of the best that it has produced, but due to the fact that it requires its own chipsets, it is not covered by Intel licensing for future generations of their processors.

The tense climate between the two companies is so complicated that rumors surfaced last week about the possibility that NVIDIA was working on x86 architecture processors to compete with Intel. Huang denied any speculation of the kind and there were several, they even cited agreements with specific factories, emphasizing his company's focus on the development and production of hardware for visual and / or parallel computing, and on processors.

“NVIDIA's strategy is very, very clear. I am very frank when talking about it, ”said the executive, stressing that its greatest growth opportunities are centered on the proliferation of GPUs produced by the company on all types of platforms, from modern workstations to the simplest of smartphones. In fact, handsets represent a market in which it is being very much appreciated at the moment, especially after Microsoft's Zune HD was launched with its Tegra technology.

In Huang's opinion, among computer manufacturers who always want to differentiate themselves in an attempt to produce the best products, Apple is the one that most calls their attention. Just as Intel also ventures and gives some exclusivity to Ma, NVIDIA worked on technologies with the Mac maker as a partner, with good (and bad) results. Leaving aside the problems faced with the case of GeForces series 8, the executive appears to make it clear that Ma's current line of computers is the result of the selection of the best technologies on the market, and that does not only include GPUs and CPUs.

“Apple says to its customers:‘ If you buy a computer from us, you can be sure that we’ve selected the best technologies for you, ’” says Huang. This somehow serves as an Intel attack after all, the NVIDIA CEO and his family use Macs, and I doubt whether any of them employ ATI graphics technology