NVIDIA CEO appears in photo with mysterious tablet [atualizado]

NVIDIA CEO appears in photo with mysterious tablet [atualizado]

Curious, very curious … Yesterday, when Silvio wrote an article for us about NVIDIA's positive relationship with Apple, he used an image of Jen-Hsun Huang that was cut off, not revealing a very important aspect of it.

See the CEO of NVIDIA in the same interview with journalists in Dubai:

NVIDIA CEO with tablet

During the conversation, Huang praised Apple for its products and for choosing “the best technologies” for them, which includes NVIDIA solutions, of course. The CEO even said that he only uses Macs at home.

About the tablet in front of him, Huang said nothing at all. the device is likely to run under the NVIDIA Tegra platform, a system on a chip (SoC) for handhelds that Microsoft incorporated into the Zune HD.

It turns out that all this "good relationship between NVIDIA and Apple" would go down the drain if this was a product from Ma, as some have said over the years. Most likely it is from some other manufacturer, or even just one mockup visual of a touchscreen computer.

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And the tablet above even a Tegra prototype of an MDG called ICD, says the Engadget. The product runs Windows CE (bleh!) and has a resistive touchscreen. It is possible that a product variant with Android will be developed, but regardless, the forecast is that it will reach the market in March 2010.

Ok, in short: Apple's. Circling, circling …