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NVIDIA and Apple End Relationship with End of CUDA Support for MacOS

The relationship between Apple and the NVIDIA He had been staggering for years, since Ma decided to open his graphics solutions for the company's products and parts. OMG. Now, the end of the bond between the two companies seems to be sacrament: NVIDIA recently announced that its platform CUDA stop bringing support for macOS from the next release.

The changes are listed in the release notes of the CUDA 10.2, new version of NVIDIA's parallel computing platform responsible for integrating the company's hardware with operating systems and enhancing the performance of graphics solutions. According to the company, CUDA 10.2 is the “latest version of the macOS support platform for developing and running CUDA applications”.

The news comes as no surprise or catastrophe: Apple had "done its part" in divorce since macOS Mojave, when Ma's operating system stopped supporting CUDA applications that used the hardware acceleration platform, such as those at sute Creative Cloud had to send consumers warnings alerting them of the problem. Also, since we don't see Macs equipped with NVIDIA cards for almost a decade, the end of support is unlikely to be felt by a large number of users.

Still, the whole thing is nonetheless unfortunate: NVIDIA is the world's most renowned graphics manufacturer, with products superior to AMD's and some unique features like ray tracing hardware-accelerated software used by Adobe in its latest software and other professional animation and modeling applications. Moreover, the users most affected by the novelty are those builders of Hackintoshes.

In the end, it is clear that the relationship between the two companies is definitely over, and we will not see more NVIDIA-equipped Macs unless we have a spectacular twist at some point in the future. Be possible?

via Gizmodo