Number of registered domains reaches 138 million

The number of Internet domains currently registered worldwide reached 138 million in the middle of this year. The figures obtained represent an increase of 31 percent compared to the same period in 2006.

The “.com” suffix remains the most popular with around 55 million registered domains, says VeriSign. Among the most used, the suffixes “.net” and “.org” stand out.

URLs with a suffix relative to the domain’s country of origin are also among the most used, with more than 51 million addresses currently in these conditions, that is, 36 percent more than was observable last year. Among the countries with the largest number of domains registered with the suffix referring to the region, Germany, United Kingdom and China stand out.

VeriSign says that there are currently 267 suffixes registered on the main base server, with “.asia” being the most recent to enter the database.

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