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Number of malware against Macs may be increasing

There is still a certain belief that Macs are totally infallible to malware. In fact, Apple's computer system is considered, to some extent, far “more secure” than the Windows (when in fact there are only no so many threats to Mac), but this does not invalidate the first statement although it is still true that there is no virus for the Apple platform.

To understand how Macs have responded to the growing number of threats in the “lawless land” of the web (from a variety of attacks such as phishing, spywares, adwares, etc.), the Malwarebytes Labs (developer of a homonymous antivirus) conducted a survey involving the detection rate of attacks against macOS and Windows devices in 2019, giving an alarming number: of the top 25 threats, 6 were against Macs.

Among the main threats are the adware Newtab (which proliferated from browser extensions to modify web page content) and malicious family software PUP.PCVARK, which is nothing more than unwanted "services" installed from a main app.

NewTab Extension Types

Overall, threats to Mac represented more than 16% of total detections. Although it seems "small" (close to the number of threats against Windows), it is worth noting that the user base of Macs is also extremely smaller than that of PCs, more precisely 1/12 of its size, according to the company. Therefore, considering only the installed base of Macs, the 16% becomes quite significant.

Another piece of data analyzed by Malwarebytes brings up the discussion about the first statement: Macs have detected 9.8 device threats this year, while PC users saw 4.2 computer detections less than half the Mac alert number.

Threat detection rate on Macs and PCs

According to Malwarebytes, however, the threat detection rate on Macs may be high for a number of factors, including the fact that users believe that it is not necessary to install an antivirus on MacOS, and when they do, the software points to several attacks and possible infections. The same holds true for certain PC owners who believe that Windows Defender (Microsoft's native operating system protection system) does the trick when it comes to protection.

Malwarebytes Labs agrees that the legend that “Macs don't get viruses” (sic) has fallen to the ground a long time ago. The concern now is precisely the growing number of threats against Macs that are being created, with crackers outgrowing themselves to get a slice of that market. So it is worth remembering: every little care.

via 9to5Mac