Versão global do Nubia Z20 chega dia 14 de outubro

Nubia Z20 Global Reverse Arrives October 14

The global version of the Nubia Z20 arrives October 14th in Europe, the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. The really different smartphone has two screens, one rear and one front, which makes its usability unusual.

For starters, the Z20 does not have a front camera, which does not prevent the user from taking selfies, as the rear camera can be used for this purpose. When shooting, the owner can view the framing directly on the second screen. Interestingly, you can even shoot with the wide-angle camera, which results in selfies of up to about six people. The Z20 comes with a triple set of sensors, with 48MP + 16MP + 8MP, giving more possibilities for those who like photography.

The Nubia UI 7 operating system, based on Android Pie, allows the user to choose which screen to use, with the promise of a very intuitive exchange. Both screens are AMOLED, the main FHD + with 6.42 "and the rear HD + and has 5.1".

And in the processing part it leaves nothing to be desired, brings a Snapdragon 855+ and up to 8GB of RAM. The global version will have only one storage option, 128GB.

Another highlight of the phone is the battery, with 4000mAh use with two screens should not be a big problem. It also supports charging up to 27W and is available in black and blue.

A smartphone that is also being awaited with an innovative design is the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which has an outreach event scheduled for Tuesday (24). In the most recent official images released, you can see that your screen extends to your side, which may indicate a rear screen just like the Z20.

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