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Nubank and Its Secrets Revealed: Tips for Mastering the Card App

We have then prepared an article filled with tips, tricks and functions for you to master the Nubank app, making the best use of all the services offered by the company. If you know more interesting information, leave us comments. Let's go to them.

1. Your information quickly

Want to pass your account to someone to make a deposit, or forgot the account number? Right on the first screen, or any other screen, locate the top of the screen where your company logo is and your name just after it. Did you see a little arrow? Click on it.

nubank 01b
Quickly pass your data / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

At the same time, a QR Code appears and right after important information like the bank number, your branch and account. In the same area, you can enjoy updating your personal data, including password.

2. Authorizing a new device

For security reasons, you can only use all functions of the Nubank app on one device. Therefore, if you change handsets, I need to authorize the new handset. You download the app into it, log in with your app's CPF and password, and enter the code you received by email.

Go to the old device, in the same area you accessed your information in the previous tip, click Profile, and then click Authorize device. Follow the instructions.

3. Travel Notice

If you are traveling somewhere a little farther from your home, it is good to notify the credit card company, whatever it may be. In the Nubank app you warn without having to talk to anyone, just go to your area at the top arrow of the home, and then Set Up Card.

nubank 02
Travel warning avoids headaches in … travel / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Find the Trip Warning option and enable it, turning it off when you return. This prevents any purchase from you from being blocked, so Nubank knows that you are actually in a different location than usual, and that some expense for there is really yours.

4. Adjust your limit up or down

You do not always have to keep your limit to the maximum that was offered. For security, you can choose to leave it smaller than you have, with a small margin, so you won't be surprised if anyone tries to make a purchase on your behalf or some subscription plan covers you without asking you first.

nubank 03
Adjust your limit and increase security / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Go to your area on the top arrow of your home, and then Set Card (or, in the bottom menu, go to Adjust Limit). Tap Adjust limit and take the drop arrow wherever you want. This is also a good way not to spend more than you should by adjusting your limit to what you can spend in that month.

5. Lock your card

A lot of people are afraid of having a credit card because anyone with its number and expiration date can shop outside of the threat of fraud we are exposed to. To make you safer, you can keep your card locked.

nubank 04
To avoid any problem, leave your card locked / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

In the bottom menu, look for and tap Lock card. A window appears and you just need to tap Lock. Thus, any transaction will be interrupted until you unlock. Be careful, as this prevents recurring service charges and subscriptions as well. Consider whether to best use this option or the limit adjustment option.

6. Ask for more limit

If you think your limit is small, or will travel and need more room to maneuver, you can request a limit increase without talking to the support. Go to your area on the top arrow of the home, and then Set Up Card. Touch Adjust limit, and below Ask for full limit increase.

nubank 05
The normal receive one on / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Choose the new value by typing on the keyboard and tap Request more limit. Then choose the reason for the order and complete the actions. At the time, the app already returns with the response to your request, and also sends it by email.

Pro Tip: A lot of information about you is analyzed when you make this request. Therefore, the request is often not accepted. You can try as many times as you like, but it helps to have the limit raised pay your bill on time or even early and unfortunately spend a lot on the card.

7. Spend beyond your limit

If it is an emergency and you need to spend more than you have on limits, like on a trip, there is a way to have more space on your card. Just make an advance payment, paying more than you spent. This artificially raises your limit, and you can spend more.

8. Changing the Due Date

If you need to pay your Nubank bill on a new date, you can do so through the app without having to resort to support. Go to your area on the top arrow of the home, and then Set Up Card. Tap Expiration and choose a new day from the eight available.

nubank 06b
Pay on a good day for you / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Once chosen, tap Change. In this area you also give the best days to shop in the coming months.

9. Send invitations to friends

Any friends of yours interested in Nubank? He can certainly download the app on his smartphone and ask for the invitation, but you can also invite him. In the app, you have invitations in the lower home bar. Scroll to Find Refer Friends and tap the function.

nubank 07
Invitations help you and your friends / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can send up to five invitations by email, or several invitations by Messenger, WhatsApp and other apps on your smartphone. Further down, tapping View also gives you the directions you have made so far.

Pro Tip: While your invitation does not guarantee that your invited friend will be approved, it does expedite their approval or disapproval. On top of that, it helps you get better at the tape with the bank, and that may be good for you later on. But keep in mind that marketing invitations is prohibited anyway.

10. Release your card limit on time

Are you low on your card and need to make a purchase? If you pay the invoice, the limit is released again. But this can take a few days if you normally pay the ticket at your bank. To release in up to half an hour, simply pay the invoice with Nuconta. Most of the time, at the same instant, your limit is released.

nubank 08
A way to quickly release your limit / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

At home, pass the first large card, which speaks of your card bill, and touch the second, which speaks about Nuconta. Below your balance appear buttons, tap Pay. Choose Pay Card Invoice, and then choose the amount you want to pay by tapping Continue. Touch Confirm Payment.

So it is a good option to leave some money in Nuconta if you have it. In addition to yielding more than savings, you get this amount prepared to settle the bill and open your card again.

11. Let your favorite shortcuts mo

Refer friends, Card lock, Transfer, are not just your favorite shortcuts but are right at the beginning of the bottom menu? You can change their order and let the ones you use the most. In this same menu, browse to and tap Arrange shortcuts.

nubank 09
Make better use of the Nubank / AndroidPIT app (screenshot)

A list appears and by keeping your finger on the three features, you can reorder the shortcuts so that they are to your liking. This saves important seconds when using the app.

12. Use virtual card in online shopping

Wherever you do not have to present the card and touch it or pass it on a machine, you can use the virtual card instead. It's a different number from your unique card, which you register on websites, e-commerce, subscription services (like the Play Store itself) and anything online.

nubank 10
Virtual Card for Virtual Purchases / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

So if you lose your card and have to issue a new one, you don't have to change everything again when another number arrives, and you can also use that virtual card while your card doesn't arrive. Also safer, so your official number is not over the internet and, in case of any problem, you change the number for another, by the app, on time.

In the bottom menu, search and tap Virtual card. In this area you will find the number, expiration date and security code. Below you can erase or lock the card.

13. Tag and categorize your expenses to organize your invoice

When you buy something, what is recorded on the invoice is the name of the establishment, which is not always very enlightening (What Timrecprog TIM recharge, I did not know). To arrange this, you tap the first large window in the home, where is the current invoice amount.

nubank 11
Fix your bill and stop confusing spending / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

In the last spend list that appears, tap the spend you want to organize. Tap the "+ Tag" button to insert a new tag. For my example, I can put "tim", "mobile", "data", etc. Then you can also tap on the purple icon above and choose from 12 categories (in this case you would choose "Services"). Tap change and you're done.

14. Report an expense you did not make

As secure as these systems are, fraud can always happen. If you saw your bill and found something you didn't spend, tap the spend. In the window that opens, tap Report below. Choose the reason for the problem and then the problem with the product by following the onscreen instructions.

nubank 12
Don't do this if the problem is not security / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Pro Tip: Only do this in case of fraud and security issues. Do not use this function to cancel any product or service that you actually purchased but no longer want to pay. You may have your card canceled.

15. Anticipate installments and save money

One trick that many are using to parcel out a purchase even without the intention of paying every month. If you can choose something without interest, opt for installment, and you can save money. A few days after your purchase, touch it on your invoice and then Anticipate below.

nubank 13
Who doesn't like economics? / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You will be presented with a simulation, which shows, by how many installments you will advance, how much money will be saved. Choose the best one and complete the operation. In the case of the image, I had a 1.8% discount anticipating 9 installments of a 10-time installment. You can do this in any month, but the discount gets smaller.

16. Pay without password by touching card

One of the latest features of Nubank's card is the contacless payment, ie without having to insert or pass the card at the time of payment. Before you can test this function, you must have already made a first machine payment by inserting the card and entering the password.

nubank 14
Contactless payment the latest news / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Then, when the machine writes Insert or touch the card, simply bring the Nubank card closer to the wave symbol on the machine. Wait a beep and you're done, it's paid.

Pro Tip: As you noticed, this is a function that does not require a password. Anyone with your card can do this, so use the limit adjust and card lock options to decrease the chances of trouble. You receive a notification on your smartphone whenever a payment is unsuccessfully completed or attempted.

17. Visit the site

Did you know that you can access your information not only through the app, but also through a website? Just login to account.nubank and enter your Social Security Number and password (the app password, with a minimum of 8 digits, the card password, with 4. Open your app and tap your name.

nubank 15
You can also access your stuff via computer / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

From this menu, tap Profile and then Site Access. Authorize camera access and point it to the QR code on your computer screen. You talk to the customer service, check your bill, block the card, and more. If you are missing your smartphone to read the QR Code, you can still lock the card and disconnect all your logins.

18. How to request service

If you have not been able to do something directly through the app or have a problem, you can talk to Nubank via chat or email. Touch the first large card in the home, which brings your invoice, and then the spending history, drag your finger to the left.

nubank 16
Means of communicating with Nubank / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

In the side menu, tap Help Me. Then tap email (or email me directly at [email protected]) or chat, and chat with one of the attendants. The contact phone number is 0800 591 2117, and you can also try them on their Facebook or Instagram page.

* Collaborated, Stella Dauer.

This article is not sponsored.

Any tips you didn't know? Anyone want to leave?

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