NPD / DisplaySearch: with iPad, Apple sells more laptops than HP

In its latest market research, DisplaySearch, which is part of the NPD, again considered the iPad as one of Apple's portable computers and gave the company the best placement in the sale of notebook computers during the fourth quarter of last year.

According to the study, Ma sold 10.2 million laptops (totaling the total volume of MacBooks and tablets) and has 17.2% of the market, while HP (the first placed only in sales of computers) would have sold 9.3 million and got 15.6% of market share.

DisplaySearch on Notebooks

It is still difficult to agree with the idea that tablets should count as ordinary PCs, but Apple is not the only one to position its product in the new segment as another computer after all, HP itself will have it in its favor soon.

Even without considering the iPad, however, the Mac still grows much more than the average of the computer industry, if it is seen as an independent business.

Also worthy of mention in the DisplaySearch survey is Toshiba, which was the only company apart from Apple to register annual sales growth acting only as a manufacturer of notebooks.

The company sold 5.1 million units of its products in the segment and ranked fifth in the survey, with 8.6% of the laptop market.

(via MacDailyNews)