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Now you can spend $ 41,600 to set up your iMac Pro with 256GB RAM

In addition to upgrading the entire line of 21.5 ″ and 27 ″ inches iMacs today, Apple has also included two new customization options for the iMac Pro.

Now anyone who wants to can spend the $ 41,600 (or $ 5,200 US) trifle to upgrade from 32GB to 256GB ECC DDR4 RAM with 2,666MHz (before, the maximum was 128GB).

In addition to the new surreal memory option, iMacs Pro can now also be configured with the graphics chip. AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64X with 16GB HBM2 Memory, per only $ 5,600 (or $ 700, 1 off).

That is, with these new configurations, a maximum configured iMac Pro now comes out by BRL 124,598.00 in Brazil. But calm, this value in installments at 12x; If you are going to pay cash, spend only $ 112,138.20. Yes, phew.

via MacRumors