Now yes, iFixit publishes 21.5 inch iMac disassembly with 4K Retina display

Two days ago, we published here on the site what would be the disassembly of 21.5-inch iMac with 4K Retina Display. But iFixit made a hell of a mess, and a number of sites, including ours, ended up on the wave; that iMac was the * no * Retina display input model, which explains the total absence of news. In disassembly they even quoted High resolution displayWhich was no doubt. Because .

Now yes, they published the teardown 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display. Highlights:

  • The model also remains the same, A1418, but with a new EMC number: 2833.
  • The widest display cable to support so much bandwidth required for the more than 9 million pixels of the Retina 4K display: 16.4mm versus 12.4mm before.
  • As with the iMac without Retina display, this one is also provided by LG. But in the case of the Retina model, this is a new generation DCI-P3.
  • The model they opened came with the ridiculous 5,400RPM HDD that we have commented on here.
  • There is no internal space for manual installation of an SSD and further transformation to Fusion Drive. The only way to buy it from the factory, really.

Check out a disassembly video:

This new iMac received a grade of just 1/10 iFixit “reparability”.

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