Now yes: Apple Music surpasses Spotify in paying US users

There's a soap opera that nobody knows exactly how it will end: last July, we talked about how the Apple Music reportedly overtook Spotify in number of paying users in the US. A few days later, we corrected the information with the testimony of another source, who stated that the story was not quite that in fact, Spotify still beat Ma by a very small margin. Well, now it looks like the actual overdrive.

According to close sources on the subject who spoke to the Wall street journal, Apple Music outperformed its main competitor in the US sometime in early 2019. In February, according to these sources, Apple's service had 28 million subscribers, while the Swedish platform registered about 26 million of paying users in the country.

Apple's platform is expected to further detach from Spotify in the US: by then, its monthly growth rate is turning between 2.6% and 3%while the rival grows between 1.5% and 2% at ms. These numbers refer only to paying users, and do not take into account who is, for example, Apple Music's three-month trial period or users who use Spotify for free.

In the rest of the world, Spotify still has a good lead over Apple Music, but Apple's service also grows at a higher rate: between 2.4% and 2.8% of new subscribers per month, up from 2%. and 2.3% of the Scandinavian service. Other markets, such as Japan, have already seen Apple's platform outperform its main competitor in subscriber numbers.

The information is likely to further heat up the Apple-Spotify dispute that has been taking place around the planet, where companies have exchanged mutual accusations of unfair competition, monopolistic practices and abuse of power. We will certainly hear more about this story very soon.

via AppleInsider